EU project

EU project

Enhancing competitiveness and development through the digital and green transition of FI.-MA. d.o.o.



PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: The purpose of this project is to providedirect support in process innovation and business organization of FI.-MA. d.o.o. through a green and digital transition in order to increase the company’s productivity and optimize business processes. The project plans to introduce a unique ERP system that will improve and innovate 6 business processes.

The implementation of project activities will ensure a far more efficient and modern production process, focused on green technologies, with the use of software solutions for optimizing production processes according to the digital transition, as well as improving the professional capacities of its employees for training to work on modern technologies, which will make the company more competitive and ready for sudden instabilities in the market.

GENERAL GOAL: Contribute to long-term immediate development results by increasing the competitiveness of FI.-MA. d.o.o. through the introduction of a digital, energy-efficient and circular economy in order to maintain a leading position in the desired wood products market.


  • innovation of the company’s business processes;
  • increasing the efficiency of human resources and the production process through the digitization of operations;
  • continuous production and reduction of production time;
  • reduction of production costs through energy efficiency;
  • efficient and safe storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products;
  • compliance with defined delivery deadlines;
  • expansion of the product range;
  • retention of the existing market;
  • conquering new markets;
  • introduction of the “all-in-one” or “turnkey” work method based on energy-efficient and digital production of products.


Total value: 21,709,531.43 KN (2,881,349.98 EUR)
Total eligible costs: 16,412,865.33 KN (2,178,361.58 EUR)
Grants: HRK 7,496,248.08 (EUR 994,923.10)
IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: From November 1, 2021. until 01.05.2023. years




The company FI.-MA. d.o.o. will establish greater competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of the production process through the activity of green and digital transition, in order to increase resistance to market conditions, i.e. to be in line with market requirements and in step with the competition in terms of green, sustainable and digital business.


With the aim of establishing functional digital management of production processes and business organization processes, the company FI.-MA. d.o.o. will carry out mapping of the main focus areas of digitization and introduce a unique ERP system that will improve and innovate 6 business processes.


The activity includes the implementation of production process innovation and business organization through the application of new technologies, techniques and models. The combination of ERP system implementation and organizational innovations will introduce an innovative business approachall in one place” or “turnkey” based on energy efficient and digital production.


The goal of this activity is to enable the adequate and timely implementation of the project in accordance with the planned elements of the project in order to achieve all the planned results.


The implementation of the project promotion and visibility activities ensures the transfer of the positive effects of the project to the wider environment, while also promoting the positive effects of EU funding on the economy as a whole.



  • Technologically advanced and innovative production processes based on green and digital transition with a 30% increase in production capacity;
  • Improvement and innovation of 6 business processes (logistics, warehouse, accounting, finance, production and sales);
  • Reduction of energy consumption per product unit by 40%.
  • Higher utilization of materials for the product by 10%;
  • Increasing the share of resource usage by 50%.
  • Increasing the share of recycled content in products and ensuring their further use in re-production by 50%.
  • The possibility of using the resulting waste (bark, sawdust) in production and for own heating needs, dryers and steam rooms – 100%.
  • Increase in sales revenue by 25.1% in 2025.
  • Increase in export revenue by 25.1% in 2025.
  • Hiring 6 new employees in 2025.
  • Greater resistance to extreme market conditions

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development.

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