About us

About us

FI.-MA. d.o.o. was founded and began its story in 1990. Since then, it has a tradition of manufacturing and selling wooden products from oak, beech and ash. All of products are made according to the highest standards of the wood industry market and carry the FSC certificate. Products are being sold in various of different markets throughout the world. The success of the business can be proven by long-term cooperation with business partners and constant investment in employees.

The company is proud of its participation in humanitarian work that aids the local community. Environmental awareness is one of the company’s main goals, which is demonstrated by continuous investments that result in a reduction in environmental pollution.

FSC certificate

ISO Certificates

Mission and Vision

Day-to-day improvement in work processes.

Rast u proizvodnim kapacitetima te zauzimanje pozicije na inozemnom tržištu.



FI.-MA. d.o.o.

HR 35400 Nova Gradiška, Croatia
Ulica kralja Petra Svačića 15
OIB: 35660411389

e-mail: info@fi-ma.hr